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Delicious rainbow cake on plate on table on light background The link between Great British Bake Off, Ironing and Construction - It’s Thursday, it’s 10.30am and it’s definitely time for cake.  In fact, I’ve just had a bit at the lovely 200 Degrees coffee shop in Nottingham (other 200 Degrees are available).  They even had a joke on the board outside, ‘I had a joke about construction, but I’m still working on it’!  How rude?! How […]
stress Why Concrete and Coaching Don’t Mix - Following on from a coaching session with one of my Clients yesterday it got me thinking about the concept that concrete and coaching don’t mix. My Client is a Civil Engineering Contractor and is wanting to take his business to the next level so we’ve been having regular coaching sessions to look at what actions he […]
AAEAAQAAAAAAAA0uAAAAJDJjOGNjYmNiLTRlMDgtNDEyMy1iNGM3LWU4NTM4MGFkOTE4Yw Time to share the industry’s great examples of good - I’d like to say I’m writing this on a sunny day in August but unfortunately the Mediterranean has kidnapped the sun and is holding it to ransom!  Despite the weather I thought I’d share with you a positive industry message for a damp summer’s day. I recently hijacked Ann Bentley, Global Chair of Rider Levett […]
rainbow Does the construction industry need the luck of the Irish? - I’m sure you’re aware that Friday was St Patrick’s day and you may have had a Guinness or two to celebrate?  Were you also aware that today is the International Day of Happiness? (have included the link in case you thought I was making it up!) So it’s Monday, the weekend is over, there are […]
mindthegap Brexit – Sliding Doors the alternative, Gwyneth Paltrow gets stuck at the station! - It’s a long one, bear with me! For those of you who don’t know the movie, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character prises open the door, gets on the train, gets home early and finds her boyfriend with someone else. The alternative story running in parallel is she misses the train and her life turns out very differently…. […]
Roller coaster economy
Business people losing money riding the roller coaster economy. The people & roller coaster and background are on separate labeled layers. What I’ve learnt from Ronan Keating, Pipes and Ferrero Rocher - Now there’s two words you never expected to see in a construction related blog?! It’s been a while since my last blog but whilst I’m a bit dusty, I’ve not been idle. Since then I have started my own business and spent the last 18 months out in the field working with construction companies, growing […]
rabbits Bricks and the City – Stressed? Time For A Group Hug! - Where is Alanis Morissette when you need her? I’m going to add an extra line in………….’ isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?’ It’s that ti ee ime, when you write a blog about stress and you lose it all, and you feel incredibly stressed, and rather than summarising the amazing TED talk you’ve discovered today […]
manure Bricks and the City – Time To Manage The Manure - First of all, do you like the picture? this is what manure looks like if it’s happily managed. So what does that mean exactly? I don’t know how many of you reading this blog read Building Magazine’s recent article “Trouble at the Top” (11.04.2014) about how bad managers can have a big impact on staff […]
cows Bricks and the City – What A Load Of Bullocks! - I read a couple of weeks ago in Construction News, ‘offensive talk rife at work’ (4 April 2014/7) about a new survey  conducted by CITB which revealed that sexist, racist and homophobic language is regularly used in the construction industry. The survey findings are on the link above and are not good reading.  Interestingly most of those surveyed […]
stress Bricks and the City – Being Mindful about Being Mindful - Firstly I should say that I’ve not been mindful about writing this blog, I have been writing this blog whilst making the Sunday dinner, hopefully the chicken will not suffer for my lack of focus, the juices will run clear and we shall not contract botulism. If not, then I hope you have enjoyed reading […]
superhero Bricks and the City – We Can Be Heroes Not Just For One Day! - This week I’ve been on a brilliant course all about brain friendly learning, it was all about designing training courses that use a wide variety of learning techniques for making learning (and the design of learning) faster, more fun and effective. There was certainly no ‘death by power point’ during the 3 days I was […]
rainbow Bricks and the City – Top Of The Morning To You! - This weekend I was going to write about apprenticeships but I have to be honest, my work / life balance was tipped more on the life side and I didn’t get it written. I was all set not to post anything this week but last night I watched ‘Harry’s South Pole Heroes’ about a 200km […]
women-blog Bricks and the City – Not Just Jobs For The Boys - A number of things have influenced my blog post this week, yesterday was International Women’s Day which celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.  Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme. Secondly, Construction News published a piece on Friday entitled Jobs for the Girls about the […]
happy-blog Bricks and the City – The Happiness Advantage - “Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof”! I’m not sure that would definitely make us so happy in the construction industry but it’s a line from my favourite song of the year so far, Happy by Pharrell Williams. If you haven’t heard it already, there is a link below but […]
oldandnew-blog Bricks and the City – Out With The Old, In With The New! - I was asked to write a piece towards the end of last year for Construction Manager Online about emerging from the recession so I thought I’d share the content on my blog this week, I’ve also updated it so it’s not completely Ground Hog Day! Having spent the past 5 years in a recession shaped tunnel […]
loveconstruction-blog Bricks and the City – Why I Love Construction and When I’ll Love It More - Although I’m posting this on Monday, I’m writing it on Valentine’s Day and I thought I’d spread some Construction Love. Last year around the time of the release of Construction 2025, Construction News started a ‘Love Construction’ campaign to encourage us usually reserved construction industry workers to think about what we love about construction.  You […]
stress Bricks and the City – Have You Got The APC Stress Factor? - As well as being awards season, it’s APC season, that nail biting time of year when stresses are high and you’re panicking about critical analysis, experience records, presentations, reading shed loads of articles that you may get asked a question on and generally wondering how you are going to cram everything you need to know […]
horse-blog Bricks and the City – May The Horse Be With You! - I’m writing this whilst trying to warm up as I’ve just been to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations at the University of Nottingham which ended in the most amazing fire works display. Although I knew Chinese New Year was this weekend I hadn’t realised until I saw the Google (other search engines are available) doodle this […]
mindthegap Bricks and the City – Mind the Gap - I’m currently writing this on the train back from London following a day of site visits. I do enjoy going to London and one of the best bits sometimes is talking to complete strangers on the train. I’ve even done this on the underground as well although I always get nervous when I see the […]
sheep2 Bricks and the City – Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat… No More!! - Once upon a time there was a Construction Coach who went to sleep for a good few months. All she dreamed of was work and everyday was the same, just like Groundhog Day, eat, sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep, work repeat! She had no time to write and as a consequence her blog became dusty, […]
construction Bricks and the City – Construction 2025 Back to the Future - A lot has been written in the past few weeks about Construction 2025 launched on the 2 July 2013 which is an industrial strategy in partnership with the Government. Its aim is to give a clear and defined set of aspirations for UK construction and a clear vision of where it will be in 2025 […]
donkey Bricks and the City – Don’t be an Ass! - First of all, I’m not calling you names, honest! The Ass in the title is linked to the word Assumptions. Unlike a lot of other industries, for the majority of new projects we get involved in there is a new team. A new ‘cast of characters’ coming together to build something new or refurbish existing […]
tunnel Bricks and the City – Light at the end of the R shaped tunnel - It may not be obvious from the title of this blog but today I’m writing about life after redundancy. Whilst I have not been made redundant myself, I am conscious that there are a lot of people in the industry who have. Recent statistics in Building Magazine stated that 25,000 jobs had been lost in […]
goal Bricks and the City – It’s a Goal!! - First of all, no comments about Newcastle United and their heaviest home defeat since 1925. All I will say is that Liverpool clearly set their targets and achieved 6 of their goals in 90 minutes!! My goal for this week is to write about goals and it’s proving tougher than I thought. I think the […]
ring&flower Bricks and the City – Let’s get engaged! - First of all, I am not asking anyone to marry me in case you were wondering, this is about a different type of engagement…..! The past few years have been really tough with the threat and reality of redundancy, the pressure to perform and deliver with reduced resources and the need to make sure the […]
time Bricks and the City – Time flies when you’re procrastinating - Well, it’s 6 0′ clock on Sunday and I am finally sitting down to write my blog. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been procrastinating all day, more Spring cleaning peppered with a bit of procrastination along the way. So, as a result of this I literally have half an hr to write this blog, nothing […]
sheep Bricks and the City – Re-stocking the Olympic Drinks Cabinet - First of all, why the sheep? More on that later…… For some reason sport and the correlation between sport and the business world seems to be coming up quite a lot for me at the moment as you will have noticed from some of my other blogs about resilience and what are the characteristics of […]
chickens Bricks and the City – From Going for Gold to a Poultry Farm! - I recently attended a really good Association for Coaching CPD event in deepest, darkest Coalville with Di Horsley who shared her experience and knowledge of high performing sports coaching and how that links into the corporate world.  More about the poultry farm later…………..! Di talked about the evolution of sport in the UK in general and […]
mindfulness-blog Bricks and the City – Mindfulness - This subject has come up a few times recently so someone, somewhere is trying to drop me a hint.  One of the ways of increasing resilience which was talked about at the recent breakfast briefing I went to was Mindfulness. I’m a great believer in co-incidences and this was reiterated by my train journey down to […]
blog-stress Bricks and the City –! - I attended a brilliant two day course this week on Stress Management and came back stressed! Not because the actual course itself was stressful but because it took 2 days out of my week and I had loads to catch up on when I came back (sound familiar?!). The course was at the British Psychological […]
blog-dog Bricks and the City – Mentoring, Time to get your Pom Poms out! - This is the topic of my 2nd magazine article to be published on 1st March in the RICS East Midlands Surveyor magazine which comes out with the Modus magazine (now I know how Carrie Bradshaw felt?!) This edition of Surveyor is based around SME’s and I wanted to raise people’s awareness about mentoring and how […]
blog-sign Bricks and the City – Resilience - For those of you who hadn’t noticed, yesterday was St Valentine’s Day and I also attended a really good breakfast briefing about Resilience. Not sure what the link is there between resilience and Valentines day but I’m sure you can all think of some. E.g, us women can be very resilient in our wish for […]
blog-world Bricks and the City – Why is the earth round, why is the sky blue (occasionally) what makes us who we are?? - As I mentioned in my first blog, when I was doing my coaching qualifications I had to write academic essays about change and also about coaching in the workplace which involved delving into the subject of workplace psychology. What really interested me was the bit about what makes us who we are and how that […]
blog-bricks Bricks and the City – Blog Nr 1, Bricking myself!! - A blog post about posting a blog post! I am completely new to this blogging malarkey. I’ve done some looking on other people’s blogs and even downloaded something about how to write a blog but I haven’t read it, so if I’m breaking all of the blogging rules then I apologise in advance. The reason […]