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Executive Coaching – Time to step away from the fire extinguisher!

It’s been a tough few years in the industry, there is no doubt about that and we lost over 300,000 during the worst recession since records began.

We are now on the up part of the rollercoaster facing the challenge of attracting new blood, retaining the good ones we have whilst retaining our sanity in the process!

The industry is getting busy which is great but there is a danger that organisations will charge forward without asking:-

  • How has the recession impacted on your organisation?
  • How has it changed you and your people?
  • Are the vision and values of your organisation still the same?
  • Do you have the right people on board to deliver your vision?
  • Is everyone pulling in the right direction to get to where you want to be?

Coaching can help you take stock and give you time to reflect and strategise.

It is typically aimed at:-

  • CEO’s
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers

It’s a conversation, not just with any coach but someone who understands the industry and it’s challenges and speaks the language (clean of course!). I will ask you the challenging questions to make you think.

Think about your own performance and stress levels as well as those of your teams and about where the blocks are to achieving your organisational goals.

Thinking brings results, answers and action plans and above all, saves money………. on fire extinguishers as a starting point!

Call me on 0115 9699 925 or e-mail me to start the conversation about how I can help you and your organisation.

Executive Coaching

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