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4P to £4 Million – The Four Pillars to Growing Your Multi-Million Pound Business

If you’re a Star Wars fan like me, you will have seen those big, walking fighter robots that always look a bit wobbly? I think they need sturdier legs which is what this programme is designed to do for your business. Focusing on the four pillars of Purpose, People, Productivity and Process will grow your business in the right way and increase your profits.


Businesses in the construction industry tend to work in silos and there’s a golden rule that you don’t talk to each other to maintain that competitive edge. The key challenges I’ve seen working with Business Owners and Directors like you are:


  • Your turnover is increasing but you feel out of control and you’re working longer and harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.
  • You spend your days and weeks firefighting with no time to step back and think about the bigger picture and the direction you want your business to go in
  • You need the right people to grow your business but you struggle to find them.
  • You know you and your people could be more productive and profitable if you had the right processes and procedures in place but you don’t have time to think about it.
This programme is for you if you’re ready to start your own revolution, get back in control and take your business to the next level. It will also put you in a great position to combat political uncertainty, boom and bust cycles and you won’t have a skills shortage because good people will be breaking down your door to work for you.


This programme will help you:


  • Get unscrambled and back in control.
  • Have a clear vision of where you and your business are going.
  • Attract the right people to work with you.
  • Have set standards for your people in terms of behaviour, competency, efficiency and profitability.
  • Have the right processes and procedures in place to give quality, consistency and profitable delivery to your Clients.
  • Help you demonstrate to your Clients the value you bring and move away from lowest price wins.
Why work with me? I have a unique blend of coaching, surveying, project management and risk management skills. I will ask you open questions to facilitate your thinking but can also be directional and identify areas of risk in your business. My clients often benefit from my extensive network and as a board member for the Construction Industry Council I have insights into what is happening at high-level in the sector too.


“Maria has over the past six months helped transform our company. Her one-to-one coaching service has helped unscramble creative thoughts, plot a strategic course outlining our 3 month to 10 year goals and sail straight for success.
Maria’s links to experts across all industries related to construction have been invaluable to us, our network has grown and in-turn our ability to take on larger projects and increase efficiency has flourished. Her ability to encourage systematic problem solving and clarity of thought is what makes the process so effective. I would recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to take their business in construction to the next level”.
Jamie Ward – Best Little Building Co. Ltd


4p to £4m is a 12-month programme and here’s how it works:


  • Briefing session to get a snapshot of your business and get you unscrambled.
  • 1-day strategy session to future focus on where you want your business to be including follow-up action plan and route map.
  • 90 day plans to keep you on track with your actions and vision.
  • 4 coaching calls / month or 1 x ½ day session / month.
  • 1-day process workshop.
  • 1-day skills gap workshop.
  • Your own private Client Coaching Vault where we’ll keep links, notes, recordings and anything else we create during our time together.
  • Ongoing support from me.
  • Tested tools and techniques to maximise profits.
  • The benefit of my extensive network and strategic knowledge of the industry at a regional and national level.
At the end of our journey together you will be clearer, have more balance, have people working in your business who share your vision and who you can trust to deliver the level of service you want to deliver in the most productive and profitable way.


Contact me to book a free call and start your 4p to £4m journey now.

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