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APC Coaching

Having been there myself I know what it’s like, hard work!

Over the past few years I have coached a large number of candidates through their APC and have noticed the common blocks running through the process.

If you find yourself saying any (or all) of the following statements then Coaching can help.

  • “I am struggling to motivate myself”
  • “I feel overwhelmed”
  • “My day job is getting in the way”
  • “I never seem to have enough time”
  • “I am not getting the right experience”
  • “My Supervisor / Counsellor never has enough time”
  • “I am not good at presentations”
  • “I am worried I won’t know the answers to all of the questions”

Athletes have coaches to get them in the right mindset to win, this is exactly what APC coaching will do, get you in the right mindset to pass first time. It is a confidential conversation during which I ask you questions to enable you to think about where the blocks are and more importantly, find solutions to breakthrough the obstacles.

It can be done either face to face, on the phone or via Skype with each session lasting for 1 hr. If you would like a free consultation to discuss where you are with the process and how I can help you move forwards, then give me a call on 0115 9699 925

You could also check out my free stuff page to download a copy of my ‘APC Wheel’ and my RICS article on avoiding the ‘APC Stress Factor’.

apc coaching

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