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Bricks and the City – Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat… No More!!

Bricks and the City – Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat… No More!!

Once upon a time there was a Construction Coach who went to sleep for a good few months.

All she dreamed of was work and everyday was the same, just like Groundhog Day, eat, sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep, work repeat! She had no time to write and as a consequence her blog became dusty, covered in cobwebs and full of dodgy spam from foreign countries asking her to buy knock off Ugg boots and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Instead of counting sheep she would count bricks in her dream and forgot her good intentions to write a blog every week to provide useful and useless information to fellow constructionites. BUT, one night one of the bricks she was dreaming about bashed her on the head and said, OY!! get your laptop out and start writing again, so, that is exactly what she is doing and she makes a pledge to have a blog land in your e mail box at 8am every Monday morning.

So, spread the word, tell your friends and subscribe, or just log-on at 8.01 am on a Monday and see what’s there!!

The End.

Bricks and the City – Blog Nr 1, Bricking myself!!

Bricks and the City – Blog Nr 1, Bricking myself!!

A blog post about posting a blog post! I am completely new to this blogging malarkey. I’ve done some looking on other people’s blogs and even downloaded something about how to write a blog but I haven’t read it, so if I’m breaking all of the blogging rules then I apologise in advance.

The reason I feel compelled to write a blog is to help someone else if I can and also because I don’t think there is enough in the construction industry press about the ‘touchy feely’ side of things, like, how has the recession really impacted on our wellbeing? How has it changed the way we are as people, the way we interact with others? Are we more protective of our positions? Do we keep our heads down and don’t interact with colleagues? Do we feel fear in the workplace? Are our stress levels through the roof? How are we handling the pressure that we’re under?

Also, from a company point of view, how are companies treating their staff? When the benefits aren’t there anymore are they being replaced by anything else? I do understand that company directors are in extremely stressful positions. They are responsible for steering companies through really choppy waters and sometimes don’t use the best techniques to keep their worker bees buzzing along with them.

When I was writing my essays as part of my coaching qualification I had to do a lot of research into the topic of change and also about the psychology of the workplace which hugely interested me and was probably the catalyst for writing this blog in the first place.

How often do we actually think about what makes us who we are and also what we need to thrive in the workplace?

I’ll leave you with that naval gazing thought for now as I don’t want my first blog to send you to sleep, there is plenty of time for that!!