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Episode 2. People with Purpose with Kevin Murray

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In this episode we talk to Kevin Murray.

Kevin specialises in helping leaders to be more effective and inspiring. He has been advising leadership teams for three decades, and has worked across a wide variety of sectors.

He is author of the best-selling books The Language of Leaders, Communicate to Inspire, and People with Purpose, all of which were published by Kogan Page and are now on sale in many languages around the world. His new book, “Charismatic Leadership”, is is out now.

Kevin has interviewed more than 120 CEOs for his research and has commissioned several groundbreaking studies to understand what most inspires employees. As a result of his books and research, Kevin now gives talks and workshops on leadership around the world.

During our interview Kevin talks about the difference between Purpose, Vision and Mission and the fact that good purpose statements are emotional. We talk about the importance of the Built Environment and how there can be a disconnect between the people who build the buildings and the environment they are creating for the people who occupy them.

We delve into neuroscience and the positive and negative impact good leadership can have on our brain chemistry and how you ignite people to perform at their best.

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Episode 1. Make It Happen with Victoria Knowles-Lacks

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In this episode we talk to Victoria Knowles-Lacks, #1 Bestselling Author of “Make It Happen: Motivation and Mindset to help you go form Burnout to Balance”.

Victoria started her career in Property and then a love of shooting led her to founding the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club, the award winning, game changing ladies shooting community.

Victoria talks about the impact building a business had on her, the burnout she experienced and the feeling of not being able to focus on anyone other than her business.

Following a burnout episode Victoria decided to make big changes in her daily habits and really dug deep into how she was running her business.

Daily habits such as gratitude, journaling and affirmations have had a massive impact, this mindset change also helped her though the loss of her father and led her to writing her #1 bestselling book.

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