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Performance Coaching Courses For Managers In The Construction Industry

coaching coursesDate: TBC
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Venue: Prestwold Hall, Prestwold, Loughborough

Eventbrite - Performance Coaching for Managers in the Construction Industry - February 2015

Whether you are an Architect, Contractor, Client, Engineer, Project Manager or Surveyor there is no getting away from the fact that we work in a pressurised industry with conflicting priorities and constant deadlines. We don’t Manage The Manure, we react to it, sometimes quite badly by flicking it on to someone else and running away quickly.

What if things could be different? Well they can, and here’s how!

If you want to make long term changes on how you manage yourself, your people and have better relationships with the design teams you work in and the clients you work for then this is the course for you!

Why Coaching Courses?

As an industry we need to change. We have lost over 300,000 people in the recession, we need to nurture the talent we do have and attract young people to join us. We also need to move away from the classic boom and bust cycles and blame culture we have created and generally just be NICER TO EACH OTHER, we get better results!

The concept of coaching is simple, it’s about a conversation with open questions to facilitate someone’s thinking rather than telling them to do something or backing them into a corner with a ‘why’ question.

What you will get from me?

  • An introduction to the concept of coaching
  • How to manage your own performance and stress levels so that you are not automatically cascading a negative message down to your team when under pressure or suffering from stress, i.e. MANAGING THE MANURE.
  • When to coach and when to direct.
  • Interactive practical examples of how coaching techniques can be applied when you get back to your desk.

What I would like from you?

To get the most out of this course it’s important to be able to have open and honest conversations. From my industry experience I know we can be tough on each other and ourselves and we’re not known for sharing feelings or showing our weaknesses, especially in front of work colleagues. This is why I am marketing the course across all industry professions and would only like ONE PERSON PER ORGANISATION to attend. That way you can talk openly and confidentially about real life work place scenarios with peers who are experiencing the same challenges.

You will hopefully forge relationships to support each other moving forwards in how you implement the changes you want to make and you can learn from each other’s experiences. Who knows, you may get some future work opportunities from this too!

If what I’ve said strikes the ‘SOMETHING’S GOT TO CHANGE CHORD’ within you then click here.

Eventbrite - Performance Coaching for Managers in the Construction Industry - February 2015

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