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Bricks and the City – Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat… No More!!

Bricks and the City – Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat… No More!!

Once upon a time there was a Construction Coach who went to sleep for a good few months.

All she dreamed of was work and everyday was the same, just like Groundhog Day, eat, sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep, work repeat! She had no time to write and as a consequence her blog became dusty, covered in cobwebs and full of dodgy spam from foreign countries asking her to buy knock off Ugg boots and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Instead of counting sheep she would count bricks in her dream and forgot her good intentions to write a blog every week to provide useful and useless information to fellow constructionites. BUT, one night one of the bricks she was dreaming about bashed her on the head and said, OY!! get your laptop out and start writing again, so, that is exactly what she is doing and she makes a pledge to have a blog land in your e mail box at 8am every Monday morning.

So, spread the word, tell your friends and subscribe, or just log-on at 8.01 am on a Monday and see what’s there!!

The End.