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Bricks and the City – Mindfulness

Bricks and the City – Mindfulness

This subject has come up a few times recently so someone, somewhere is trying to drop me a hint.  One of the ways of increasing resilience which was talked about at the recent breakfast briefing I went to was Mindfulness.

I’m a great believer in co-incidences and this was reiterated by my train journey down to London to do the Stress Management Course, my crazy person antics of talking to the stranger next to me on the train resulted in her telling me about a book she was reading all about Mindfulness!  So I had to find out more.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment.  It’s the ability to focus on 1 thing instead of being pulled in a number of different directions with lots of different distractions and disruptions (lots of D’s!!) sounds bliss, doesn’t it?

If you’re mindful, I’ve included a couple of links below, the first, is a very short clip by a guy called Jon Kabat-Zinn who has written quite a few books on the subject, and I think he oozes calm.  There is also a link to a clip from BBC Breakfast who did an experiment regarding Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast

The book that the nice, equally friendly and crazy person (for talking back to me) recommended is by Andy Puddicombe called, Get Some Headspace: 10 Minutes Can Make All the Difference.

I have taken it upon myself to download the App and I am going to give mindfulness a whirl, taking 10 mins a day for 10 days.  I shall report back after my trial…..

Who knows, if it catches on maybe we will have to write the provision of meditation rooms into the prelims as well as drying rooms and canteen facilities??

Watch this headspace……….!