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Find out what my recent clients have said about my work:

“Maria’s Coaching helped me immensely. I unexpectedly found myself in a turbulent point in my career and personal life, and with Maria’s coaching I was able to achieve a clearer vision and the motivation to approach my goals with confidence again.

Maria was inspiring and a great mentor, and her coaching was delivered in a relaxed confidential atmosphere. Should I ever find myself in that situation again I will undoubtedly return to Maria and I would recommend people to do the same, because it really does make a world of difference. Thank you for all of your help Maria!”

Lianne, Senior Consultant, Construction Consultancy

“I was able to balance out what seemed like conflicting elements of my work and personal life. At a time when increasing work pressures and a close relative in poor health were adding to other issues, Maria helped me to understand the nature of the conflicts, and establish a plan using some simple but effective techniques, that I still use today. These were relevant not only to my professional life, but helpful in my personal life too.

Maria was professional and structured, but clearly understood the emotional issues that the conflicts can create. Her empathy came to the fore so that the tools and techniques that she adopted seemed very connected to my circumstances and it made the experience very positive”

Simon, Director, Construction Consultancy

“I didn’t realise how much I needed Construction Coach until my first session working with Maria where I started to work ON the business in an orderly strategic way, which has benefited both my business and my role within it.

Having worked with Maria for a few months now her high level strategic view of business and Construction has helped me immensely, she is fearless in her questioning and forces me to challenge my thinking….. I look forward to our sessions, which are like therapy for business.  Thank you Maria you are making a difference.”

 Jenna Frudd, FC7

“On taking on a new Directorship running a large multi-site Facilities Management Account, I had a number of coaching sessions with Maria which were invaluable in developing my ability to operate effectively at this level.

When I took on the account the complexities and challenges of the role seemed insurmountable. However my time with Maria enabled me to deal with the challenges of the role strategically and view things much more clearly, as well as being an invaluable ‘sounding board’.

Maria’s mix of coaching skills as well as her property related expertise provided an excellent mix of generic coaching advice with real life job specific knowledge meaning that we were able to talk the same language.

I would highly recommend Maria’s coaching sessions to anyone taking on a senior management position.”

Director, Construction Consultancy

“Having become disheartened with the whole process It has already made me feel more positive. Not only that but it has helped me identify some potential issues with the way that I have approached my revision – i.e. that I have treated it like a chore and therefore clock watched rather than focus fully.

It has helped identify why I want to pass my APC, helped me focus on my goals and approach the APC in a more positive fashion”

Sam, Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Construction Consultancy

“The coaching helped me on a personal level to improve my self confidence when answering questions during an interview situation. As a result of this I have gained chartered status and become fully qualified as a Quantity Surveyor. I am also more self confident when dealing with people in meetings, presentations and interviews”

Michael, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Consultancy

“Coaching helped me to review issues within the APC preparation process with more focus and helped me be more holistic in my approach to revision. It also helped me look at different approaches to thinking to help resolve problems throughout my working life and increased my ability to resolve issues an problems efficiently”

Tom, Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Construction Consultancy