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Bricks and the City – Why I Love Construction and When I’ll Love It More

Bricks and the City – Why I Love Construction and When I’ll Love It More

Although I’m posting this on Monday, I’m writing it on Valentine’s Day and I thought I’d spread some Construction Love.

Last year around the time of the release of Construction 2025, Construction News started a ‘Love Construction’ campaign to encourage us usually reserved construction industry workers to think about what we love about construction.  You could also get your own logo designed which the good people at Construction News did for me in Construction Coach colours, thank you!

So, here is my list:-

  • bacon sandwiches on a Friday
  • the banter
  • reading The Sun newspaper on site (but not The Sport or The Star)
  • builders tea (although I am ashamed to say I like a more milkier version)!
  • the fact that every day is different and you never know what is going to happen
  • constantly meeting and working with new people and teams
  • the resilience of construction workers in getting the job done
  • clever Architects who have the vision and the clever Engineers who make it happen (my last building was a curved, cantilevered building which is stunning)
  • seeing a building develop from a piece of paper to a slab to an actual building that the occupiers love
  • feeling proud to be involved in producing great spaces for people to live in , work in and shop in
  • big buttoned calculators (I’m a QS at heart)!

Sometimes though, Cupid’s arrow misses and he gets it wrong which leads me to my next list, what I don’t love about construction:-

  • the blame culture when something goes wrong
  • the boom and bust cycles and behaviours, in a recession when the Client is king, in a boom period when the Contractor and Sub-Contractors get their own back
  • lack of transparency and honesty when things are going wrong and the fear of telling the Client what they do not want to hear
  • the sometimes aggressive way that people speak to each other
  • fragmentation and lack of trust
  • making assumptions about companies and individuals before you’ve worked with them based on other people’s experiences
  • labelling of professions, Architects spend too much money, Engineers are too over cautious and QS’s sit in a darkened room with their big buttoned calculators!

The positive most definitely out ways the negative, and the negatives are behaviours that can be changed.

These are exciting times, there is talk of the collaboration needed to achieve the Construction 2025 objectives and attract more people into the industry.  I genuinely love the industry and I definitely want to be part of the changes and have some ideas up my sleeve so watch this space………!

Time for a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea I think, and where was that copy of The Sun?!