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Your Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It…

mariawillis2As an industry I believe we are on the cusp of change. For years we have had the same boom and bust cycles, the same standard set of behaviours, blame culture, tough image and one size fits all style of management. We have stereo typified ourselves by our behaviours and received bad press as a result.

I truly think the scales have tipped as a result of the recession. The redundancy sticks have been put away, the order books are filling up but a massive gap has been revealed. We lost between 300 and 400,000 people in the recession and we have a humungous skills shortage.

We need to attract young people to join us and retain the ones we have. Our old ways and behaviours will no longer serve us and they definitely won’t get us the future we want.

So, let’s be nicer to each other, ditch the blame culture, ask open questions instead of closed ones and stop banging fists on tables when something goes wrong. Notice when someone is struggling and talk to them, help them find solutions rather than wait for the proverbial to hit the fan or worse still, they suffer from burn-out or stress.

When we’re doing a great job pat each other on the back rather than staying silent until something goes wrong.

Above all, let’s get the message out there that this is a fantastic industry to work in so why wouldn’t anyone want to join us……?!