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Are You Ready To Join A Revolution?

mariawillis2My goal is to facilitate a revolution in the construction industry. To share new ideas, perspectives and different ways of doing things.

I spoke to someone recently who was told at a young age by a Site Manager, if you’re going to survive in this industry, you need to put on an act, to wear a mask. So, right from the very beginning you can’t be yourself. You have to put up with the ‘banter’ (/bullying), you have to develop skin as thick as a rhinoceros. You have to put up with ridiculously low profit margins and lower your costs to win work.

Well, you know what? YOU DON’T!!

I love construction, that feeling of ‘I built this’ is fantastic, the end results drive you but sometimes that can be at a massive cost on a personal level. It’s time to take control of the things you can control and do things differently.

How would you like to win work on value and outshine your competitors without cutting costs and eating into your profit margins?

I can help you create a clear vision of what you want, what your values are and the type of culture you want to develop in your business / workplace. I will encourage you to value what you do and demonstrate that to your clients so you aren’t winning work on price, you’re winning on value and outshining your competitors. I don’t want you to be cutting your costs to win work and eat into your profit margins.

There has never been a better time for a revolution. Good sub-contractors are hard to come by, we have a skills shortage that will only get worse when Brexit happens. If everyone takes control of their own personal revolution and takes off their mask, THEN the industry will change.

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