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All you need is love

All you need is love

If you’ve been following my blogposts so far this year you will know that it’s all about the ‘Race to the Top’.  I’ve talked about the need for change, to do things differently.  To win a race you need to have passion and determination.  It starts with you and you need to know who you are, what you want and most importantly, what you love.

I coached a new Client a couple of weeks ago.  He came over to the UK from Africa to do his masters.  He loves construction, has done since he was young and wants to be a Chartered Surveyor.

He’s had a couple of interviews recently with the same company.  The first went well.  The second one, with a different person didn’t.  He felt like the person interviewing him didn’t want to be there and that he couldn’t be himself.  He felt like he closed up and in his own words, “his light deminished”.

So, I flipped it and asked him who he really was, we talked about his childhood, his passion, his determination, his values and if I’d had a job to give him I would have done, on the spot.  He is now looking for opportunities with companies that fit with his values where he can see himself progressing to be the Director he wants to be in the future.

This theme continued with a potential Client I met on Monday.  She has recently been promoted to be a Commercial Director, a role she is loving.  She has hit the ground running, she has a clear plan that has been signed off by her boss but she’s also had some feedback recently that is impacting on her negatively.

She has been called ‘single minded’ by other Directors if she hasn’t taken on board their opinions or been influenced by them.  She currently feels like she needs to wear a mask and she is losing site of who she really is.  She also has moments of ‘imposter syndrome’ which is something I have experienced myself in the past.  It’s when you tell yourself that you’re going to get found out, that you shouldn’t be there, that you don’t have what it takes and you’ll be asked to leave.

If we work together we will look at establishing the essence of who she is and building resilience so she feels she can lead authentically and doesn’t have to be someone she isn’t.

So, my question to you this Valentine’s day, is, do you know who you are and do you love what you do?  Here’s an even deeper question, do you love yourself?

That can be a hard one.  I didn’t always love myself in my previous role, I felt that sometimes I had to be someone I wasn’t and it went against my values which did not sit comfortably with me.

What needs to happen to find your passion and do what you love on a daily basis?  Are you in the right environment for you right now? These questions can bring massive change if you’re ready.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this week’s art is influenced by my first ever trip to Liverpool on Monday, and a certain Saint that shoots arrows…… or maybe I”ve got that one mixed up somewhere!

Have a great week and if you’re ready for change, let’s talk.