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Are you ‘in joy’ with your Job?

Are you ‘in joy’ with your Job?

I recently recorded a #1hrtochange webinar with Nigel Risner who is a fantastic motivational speaker, business turnaround specialist and author of a number of books including ‘It’s a zoo around here’. Hence the monkeys in the photo!  More on that later…..

The theme of this webinar was about how to motivate your people.  As an industry we have a massive skills shortage which is only going to get worse when Brexit happens.  Everyone I speak to in the industry is talking about the challenge of recruiting good people but it’s not just about recruiting them, you’ve got to keep them.

Some of the key questions that Nigel asked is, ‘How many of you know the top 5 personal needs of your people’? ‘What drives them to come to work’?  ‘What do they need to perform well’?  ‘What is getting in the way’?  Do you know the answers?  It’s not about the money, that is a short term gain and you won’t build a successful business if it is all about the money.

I totally get that and it made me reflect on the recession which first hit 10 years ago this week.  I remember how training and development fell away, how it was all about the money, people were fighting for survival but not in the right way.  Those that were beaten up badly in the recession, as soon as things got better, they left.  Their personal needs weren’t being met, it was bleak and there were lots of redundancy sticks about.  As an industry we cannot afford to make that mistake again.

One of the questions I asked is, how do people motivate themselves?  If you’re a business owner or leader you have to motivate yourself first.  Nigel talked about the importance of passion.  If you’re passionate about what you do, you will have passionate people working for you.  Hence the question, ‘Are you in joy with your job’?

If you don’t love what you do, you will never be successful and if you’re not happy where you are, move was the key message, Nigel doesn’t mince words!

Another key takeaway, is, Inspire or Fire!  If you’re not willing to inspire them, then why?  Are there negative people in your organisation who are disrupting others?  A lot of business owners are in fear of getting rid of people precisely because there is a skills shortage but, and I’ve seen this happen, if people are allowed to get away with disruptive behaviour, you will lose your best people.

Now we come to the zoo bit.  I mentioned at the beginning about the importance of knowing your people’s personal needs.  Everyone is different but there are key character traits and Nigel describes these as, Monkeys, Lions, Elephants and Dolphins.  They are motivated by different things and as a business owner or Manager, it’s your job to be the ‘Chief Zoo Keeper’ and know what their needs are.  Not only will it increase their motivation, it will increase your bottom line.

So, this week, have a think about whether or not you are ‘In Joy’ with your job or business and about how well you know your people.  It will make a massive difference.

You can listen to the podcast I recorded with Nigel and watch the webinar replay HERE, it will definitely give you food for thought.  Oh, and different animals like different food!

Have a great week!