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Are you ready for the race of your life?

Are you ready for the race of your life?

First of all, do you like my picture?  I’ve felt compelled to be artistic for a while now, I’ve no idea why, but I read this quote today, “the creative adult is the child who survived” by Ursula Le Guin so I’m going with it!

So, what does my picture mean…….?!

It’s been influenced by what I’ve seen, heard and read this week and also my mission for the year.

Monday was ‘Blue Monday’ but it was also the anniversary of the collapse of Carillion.  Construction News ran a story last week about the impact it’s had on the industry 1-year on and it really cheesed me off.  When Carillon collapsed it had estimated liabilities of close to £7bn and was known to have 33,000 suppliers.

Publicly some of those that were the worst affected downplayed their exposure.  One of the reasons being that as soon as another contractor caught wind of their involvement, they started to extend the payment period from 20 or 30 days to 45 or 60 so that if any other companies effected by the collapse went under, they would have more of a cash pot to fund the works.

This really appalled me.  I work predominantly with SME’s and micro-businesses and I’ve seen first hand the stress caused by the constant worrying about cashflow.


The problem is, as an industry we are cost driven.  Profit margins are so low and competition is so high that it does encourage a ‘race to the bottom’ attitude which was highlighted in the Hackitt review, Building a Safer Future’, following the Grenfell tragedy.

Movement is happening at the top of the industry to bring change through the work that the Construction Leadership Council is doing around ‘procuring for value and the need to move away from the lowest cost.  However, given that the industry is predominantly made up of SME’s and micro-businesses, I don’t think they are aware of what is happening and I also don’t think that contractors are engaging with their supply network to evaluate on value rather than cost.  It’s just not filtering down.

We are surrounded by uncertainty but there are things that you can control in your business and that is why it’s time for a ‘RACE TO THE TOP’!

Rather than wait for change to come, instigate it.  This is what I’m encouraging my clients to do.  If you’re feeling deflated then it’s definitely time to get your spark back and reconnect with why you are doing what you do.  What is going to get you out of bed on a ‘Blue Monday’, (or any other bl*ody Monday for that matter!)

There are things happening on a daily basis that you can control that are impacting on your motivation, people and profit margins.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you, based on my experience working with my clients what you can do to get ahead of your competitors and start your race to the top.

Hence the blue, sparkly arrow on my picture!

I was really chuffed to receive a testimonial this week from a client I started working with in November.

“Coaching with Maria has helped me become really passionate about my business again, I didn’t realise how much passion I’d lost for construction. Becoming passionate again has already starting to filter through to the rest of my team. I’m now spending a lot more time working on the business and looking outwards towards opportunities and business development. I highly recommend working with Maria at any level within the construction industry”      

If you need help getting back your mojo ready for your race then get in touch.