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If you gave yourself time to think you could be a millionaire

If you gave yourself time to think you could be a millionaire

I took this photograph on Sunday en route to Sardinia.  Technically I’m on holiday right now but I’m taking some time out to write this in probably the most beautiful surroundings I’ve ever written a blog in!

So my question today is, when did you last give yourself time to think?  When I was studying to be a coach, one of the most memorable training sessions we did was based on a book by Nancy Kline called ‘Time to Think’.  It basically involved the coach asking the coachee, ‘what would you like to think about today‘?  Sounds so simple but it is so powerful.

I’ve read a few articles recently about how technology is chipping away at our ability to be able to think and focus.  Our brain loves shiny new things, we can’t not look when the phone pings with an e mail or a call.  I recently tried to do a coaching session with a Client and it was really challenging as he felt he couldn’t switch off his phone or even put it on silent.  He definitely didn’t get what he needed from the session which was a wasted opportunity.  Nigel Risner, 1hr to Change week 4 trainer has a great quote, ‘if you’re in the room, be in the room’.  My Client definitely wasn’t in the room that day.

When  you’re in business, ‘big picture’ thinking is so important.  Do you have a vision for yourself and your business?  Do you know where you want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time?

Reflecting back on week 3 of the #1hrtochange programme, this was my session on strategy and vision.  This was the lynchpin of the series as it gave you the opportunity to have time to think about where you wanted to be and where you needed to focus your energies to get there.  You could then pick and choose the webinars that would be most useful for where you’re at right now.

When I’m working with a Client the first question I ask them is about their vision for themselves and their business, you can’t separate one from the other because if you’re not happy personally and your vision isn’t driving you forward, you will never achieve what you want.  Also, I often find that my Clients aren’t thinking big enough.  I recently did a session with a new Client and asked the usual question.  He said, in 10 years time he’d be happy earning 150k / year.  This really didn’t seem a lot for 10 years work.  I then asked him some more questions and he had a lightbulb moment.  He realised that if he built up his business in the next 10 years he could sell it for around 12 Million.  At that stage he’d be 50, he’d be a millionaire and have financial freedom to travel with his family, start a new company, the possibilities were endless.

So, if you can find ‘1hr to Change’ this week it could make a massive difference to you and your business.  The link to my webinar is below and I will take you through a process to help you think about your business and also identify the areas you need support in.

All you need is a pen and paper and Time to Think.  It could change your life.

Have a great week.