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Your race to the top is all in your mind

Your race to the top is all in your mind

Last Friday I did two back-to-back coaching sessions and in both of them I talked about the power of positive thinking and visualisation and the difference it can make to your mindset and outcomes.

Sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ but a ‘race to the top’ in our Construction industry will most definitely take a different way of thinking.

The first session was with a Client of mine who is the MD of a sub-contracting business.  His target turnover for this year is £5m.  We’ve identified there is a potential gap in March and he’s waiting to hear about a project that would fit right into that slot.  He feels confident that he will secure the other projects that are on his radar because he has the time to do it, but he feels that if he doesn’t secure the specific job that he’s waiting to hear on, he won’t be able to achieve the £5m.  There will be too big a gap to claw back.

He has a tracker and this particular line on the tracker is amber, all of the others are green.  So, I asked him to detach from the  project he thinks will fill the gap and visualise the right project slotting in to turn that amber to green.  I also asked him if he’d ever had a project land out of the blue and he said he had, so there is no reason why that couldn’t happen again.

I also shared a story about something that happened to me a few years ago.  I’d set my sights on interviewing a gold medal winning Olympian.  The opportunity to meet him at a dinner through the company I was working for at the time was there, but I didn’t have an invitation.  Cinderella at that stage, wasn’t going to the ball.  BUT, I was determined to go, so determined that I put the date in my diary, booked a hair appointment and visualised being there, meeting that person, asking for an interview and him saying yes.

It got to about 2pm on the day of the dinner and I still didn’t have an invite, and to add complexity to the matter I was nowhere near the location, I was in Norfolk having just facilitated a risk workshop at RAF Marham.  Just as I was leaving to drive home I finally caved in and rang my hairdresser to say I no longer needed the appointment, Cinderella wasn’t going to the ball.  30 minutes later I got a text and pulled over.  Someone was asking me if I was going to the dinner, when I said no, it turned out they had a spare seat at their table, did I want it?!.  I quickly rang my hairdresser back, got home, glad rags on, arranged to be picked up and went to the ball.  Met the Olympian, asked the question, got a yes and a few weeks the later I filmed an interview with him.

You may be sceptical but more and more research is being carried out into neuroscience.  It’s been proven that when athletes visualise running a race in their mind the same neurological pathways light up as if they had physically run the race.

It’s not just about visualisation, it’s about action too but if you’re stressed, it also cuts off the part of your brain that thinks creatively and in this situation my Client needs to think creatively to take action.

I’ve set him an exercise of visualising every day turning that amber line to green so lets see what comes out of that.

I’ve also seen evidence of visualisation in my life this week.  For a while now I’ve been visualising being a speaker at MIPIM and I’m delighted to say this week my vision became a reality, I’ve been given a speakers slot on Wednesday 13 March at 10am in the ‘Construction, Thinking Differently’ panel discussion.

What are you currently telling yourself is unachievable?  How would it feel if you visualised it happening?  You’ll be surprised the difference it makes to your mindset and also the ideas that could flood in to make it a reality.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.S, hope you like the artwork, just don’t tell my husband I got glitter glue on the carpet….!