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Bricks and the City – Re-stocking the Olympic Drinks Cabinet

Bricks and the City – Re-stocking the Olympic Drinks Cabinet

First of all, why the sheep? More on that later……

For some reason sport and the correlation between sport and the business world seems to be coming up quite a lot for me at the moment as you will have noticed from some of my other blogs about resilience and what are the characteristics of high performing teams. I am not a sporty person at all in fact, my position in the netball team at school was orange squash maker? Don’t worry though, we are years of therapy down the line from that and I have moved on!! (just don’t ever ask me to make an orange squash!)

I read a couple of things that stuck in my mind last week. The first was from an interview with Danny Boyle in last Thursday’s Sun (and before I get any adverse comments, it is written into most terms and conditions of construction projects that there needs to be at least 1 copy of The Sun left in a site cabin at any one point in time for consultants to flick through? thems the rules!).

Danny believes that the warm glow the nation felt about itself has faded now that we’re back to our own private battles and the tough economic times that we live in. I can understand what Danny is saying, it most certainly is tough but it did make me sad to read that. In another one of my crazy, talking to complete strangers on the train moments down in London recently I started talking to a very nice lady called Sarah who was reading a book that I am also reading called The Chimp Paradox (see link below, other book sellers are available but you can look inside this one!).

Sarah was saying how she does like talking to random people on the train and it doesn’t happen very often but it did when the Olympics and Paralympics took place. She verified what everyone said about being in London at that time, people were nicer, happier, shinier and were infected by the amazing achievements and inspirational stories coming out of the Olympics and Paralympics on a daily basis.

So, what can we do to recreate some of that rosy glow we picked up last summer? One thing that may help some of us in the industry was the other piece of Olympic information I picked up on last week, the relaxation of the Olympic No Marketing Rights Protocol. This is fantastic news for all 2012 suppliers who can apply for a free licence from the British Olympic Association to fully promote their Olympic performances and sing to the tops of velodromes about their achievements.

But what about the rest of us? I did some research on tinterweb to see what people had written about keeping the Olympic spirit alive and found the following post on Neil Crofts blog, one man’s quest to transform Mondays (which I think is a brilliant name for a blog!) :-

I really like what Neil has written, especially point nr 4, not buying into negativity and manipulation. This is hard to do because we are constantly surrounded by negativity and we can also get swept along and manipulated by other people’s views and opinions.

Let’s make a conscious effort to try to rekindle that spirit and NOT BE SHEEP (now you get the reason behind the picture?!)

Happy Easter Everyone!