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Bricks and the City – Resilience

Bricks and the City – Resilience

For those of you who hadn’t noticed, yesterday was St Valentine’s Day and I also attended a really good breakfast briefing about Resilience. Not sure what the link is there between resilience and Valentines day but I’m sure you can all think of some. E.g, us women can be very resilient in our wish for flowers and chocolates on V day, Men are sometimes very resilient about not buying flowers and chocolates and bowing down to the God of commercialism.

It was, a really good briefing and the good people at Emintell ( have given me permission to blog about it…..

My interpretation of Resilience is the ability to be flexible, adapt to changing circumstances and to bounce back in the face of adversity. What I found interesting was that the Chinese translation of the word is Tai Sing which means:-





In the world we’re living in at the moment resilience as individuals and organisations is so important.

From an individual’s point of view, threat of redundancy, redundancy itself, changes within organisations are all having an adverse impact on the workforce.

From an organisation’s point of view, there are statistics from the Centre for Mental Health to back up that Absenteeism from mental ill health is costing the UK economy £8.4billion per annum, however, Presenteeism from mental ill health, is costing the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum.

Presenteeism is not a term I had heard before but means reduced productivity when employees come to work and are not fully engaged or perform at lower levels as a result of ill health. For more information check out the link below:-

So, how do we improve our resilience? I thought it would be easier to link to information on Emintell’s website if people are interested in building up their resilience muscles…?!

To round off my ramblings, a clip was shown in the briefing as a brilliant example of resilience. Richard Whitehead won gold at the Paralympics in the T42 200m final. His story is very inspirational and what I didn’t realise was, a few years ago I’d been really moved to see someone running at night with blades over Trent Bridge, I didn’t know then but it was Richard, and he must have been training at that time for his second attempt at the New York Marathon. Little did I know that I would be writing about him many years later. Check out