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How social media could solve your recruitment challenges

How social media could solve your recruitment challenges

This week I’ve been in Manchester.  I led a strategy session with the board of a new Client on Monday and on Tuesday I was at the Inspire Summit; Women in Construction, Housing and Social Media.

One of the biggest challenges my Client has is recruiting the right people, in fact, it’s the same issue that pretty much everyone I speak to has at the moment.  One of the themes of the Inspire Summit was how we attract the next generation into the industry and there is a solution that could solve both of these problems.


This is an area that I’ve had to learn since I started my business 4 years ago but I don’t do it alone.  I have a Marketing Coach, I’ve read lots of books but I still feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights with it all sometimes! (You can’t beat a good snapchat filter!)


As part of the 1Hr to Change programme I hosted a webinar and recorded a podcast with Peter Watson from Distract who are the fastest growing Ad Agency in the East Midlands.  According to Peter, “we are living in a mobile-first world” and if you want to build a successful business, you have to build a brand.

What Peter means by this is using social media content to showcase who you are as a company but most importantly, what it’s like to work for you.  If you visit a company’s website they will likely have something on there about their values and what they do but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great place to work.

According to Peter, Video is one of the best ways to build a brand.  Everyone watches videos, the majority of people reading this blog will be on Facebook, scrolling through our feeds and watching videos.  More and more people are starting to use video on Linked-in, Twitter and Instagram including your competition. This is something you can do on your phone, it doesn’t have to be perfect with a proper video camera etc which makes it cost effective for smaller businesses.

Peter’s advice is to find people in your company who are comfortable with video and start from there.  He’s doing this with his own company, by getting his team to create video content, he is getting the message across that he has a range of experts which means that Clients don’t just want to work with him.

In this webinar we also talk about the role of the Marketing Manager.  A lot of people employ Marketing Managers and think they should be able to control the social media but there is so much to learn.  Social media platform algorithims are changing all the time.  Stuff I’ve learned so far:

  • Facebook doesn’t care about hashtags but it does like video and Facebook live, although not as much as it used to because you don’t now get the same reach without paying.
  • Facebook doesn’t like you posting links to other websites in your posts and taking people off Facebook.
  • Linked-in previously wasn’t bothered about hashtags and now it likes them.
  • Linked-in doesn’t like people posting website links in the posts so put it in the comments bit.
  • Twitter likes photos and videos now where previously it was about the words but it’s still ALL about the hashtag.
  • Instagram loves hashtags but you can’t put any links to websites on there except in the bio section.
  • Instagram loves instagram stories where you can post a video or photo with captions throughout the day.

If this is double dutch to you and you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, you might need to think about getting someone on board who knows about this.

Ultimately building a brand is about creating a positive culture that would attract people to come and work for you and using social media content to get that message out there.  If you feel overwhelmed or dislike social media then you could be missing out on a great opportunity to get the best people in your teams.

One last thing, this approach could make you more profitable.  If you are showing how you add value and Clients can see that, they will want to work with you, not because you are the lowest price but because you are the best.

The link to Peter’s webinar is below including a great giveaway at the end…….

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