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Bricks and the City – Stressed? Time For A Group Hug!

Bricks and the City – Stressed? Time For A Group Hug!

Where is Alanis Morissette when you need her? I’m going to add an extra line in………….’ isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?’ It’s that ti ee ime, when you write a blog about stress and you lose it all, and you feel incredibly stressed, and rather than summarising the amazing TED talk you’ve discovered today and want to share with the world, you post the link and go downstairs and have a glass of wine.

Who would have thought, it figures!

The other thing I read today was some words of wisdom from the actress Drew Barrymore, apart from saying how it’s fine to touch an Extra Terrestrial’s finger and get them to phone home, she also makes sure that if she makes a mistake, she doesn’t do it again! The next irony is, this has happened to me before, but it definitely won’t happen again!

I hope you watch the TED because it is a great one and it will certainly change how you think about stress.

Here it is:

Have a great week everyone, mine’s a Chianti!