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Follow that star in your race to the top

Follow that star in your race to the top

I’ve been getting creative again with the pastels and the glitter glue!

What does this one mean?

In my blog last week I talked about the need to move away from the ‘race to the bottom’ that contaminates our industry.  We build amazing buildings and create fantastic spaces but being all about the money has a massive, negative impact on behaviours and culture.

If you’ve had to put the lowest price in to win the work and you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, it does not motivate you to go above and beyond.  It make for starting the building on rocky foundations.

Being in business, as I’ve found myself, is hard.  I wasn’t a natural entrepreneur but my drive to bring change to the industry and do what I can to eliminate unfairness took over until I could no longer ignore it.  The voice become so loud that one day I was a Project Manager and the next day, a business owner.

Like everyone else in business I’ve had to figure it out and make mistakes but the constant driver, or my ‘North Star’ was the need for change.

Positivity unlocks productivity.  If people are happier, they are more productive, they feel they are working towards something bigger than themselves.

We all have a ‘North Star’ something that drives us, something other than money.

In my blog last week I included a testimonial from a recent client of mine who has rediscovered his passion for the industry since we started working together.  I asked him a question that really got him thinking and he realised that the recession, and having a number of clients go bust whilst owing him money had negatively impacted on his drive and motivation.  It had clouded the fact that he did actually love what he did.

His ‘North Star’ is his family and wanting to have more of a balance in the future so he can spend quality time with them, take the holidays and make the memories with his little ones.  We are looking at how he can be more strategic with his time to enable him to do this.

This year is all about the #racetothetop and I will be talking about the work I’m doing with my clients to turn the ship away from the race to the bottom.  As Michelle Obama said recently about a certain orange faced person, “when we they go low, we go high”.

So, take some time out, give yourself space to think and ask the questions,

“What is my North Star”?

“Why am I doing what I do”?

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